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The Bard
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This page will change on a very regular basis and will include Articles, Prose, Poety and Interviews written by either members or friends of the St. David's Welsh Society of Ga.  The items featured on this page will be presented in the language(s) the author intended, either English, Welsh or Bi-lingual. All material is copywritted by either the author or the Society.
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Dear Angela,

I want to thank the Saint David’s Welsh Society of Georgia for giving me an experience I will never forget.  Your generous scholarship allowed me to attend the Crws Cymraeg 2005 at the University of Rio Grande in Ohio. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn about the language of my Welsh heritage. It was truly an incredible week. I knew I would be learning the Welsh language and there would be some fun activities but I was surprised with so much more.  I experienced the poetry of R.J. Thomas, listened to many different types of Welsh music, and learned about the history of the Welsh language movement.   I danced Welsh folk dances and attempted to sing new Welsh songs, I watched a movie with Welsh subtitles and was even able to read some of the words.  The whole week was challenging, educational, inspiring, and just plain fun!

I will carry these experiences back to my second grade classroom.  Every second grader who passes through my doors knows about Wales before they leave.  Now, I can teach them a few Welsh words.  I cannot wait for our International Night in February.  I will be able to say, “Hello! How are you?” in Welsh to everyone who passes by. Before this class, I did not know any Welsh and now I can at least say a few Welsh phrases.

Thank you again to St. David’s Welsh Society of Georgia for making it possible for me to go to Rio Grande. My week at the Crws Cymraeg 2005 was so inspiring. It taught me so much about Wales, the people, and the language.  It has made me even more proud to say I am a Welsh-American

Becky Crownover


When  I  became  President  of  the  St  Davids  Welsh  Society  of  Georgia  in  June  of  this  year, in  one  of  the  many  boxes  of  “Society  Stuff “  deposited  at  my  house  by  outgoing  President  John  Davies, I  found  a  Registration  Packet  for  the  2005  Festival  of  Wales, to  be  held in  Orlando, Florida, over  the  Labor  Day  weekend. Several  members  of our  Society  are  already  regular  attendees  of  this  Annual  Welsh 
gathering, but  I  had  never  thought  of  going  myself. Soon  after, my  niece  was  visiting  from  Wales, and  when  looking  over  the  Program  together, it  became  apparent  that  there  were  many  good  reasons  why  I  should  attend. The opening  Folk Concert  featured  Heather Jones  and  Hin Deg, who  turned  out  to  be contemporaries  of  my  brother, from  the  Welsh  music  scene  of  the  1980s, when  Mike  Lease  and  he  were  members  of  Yr  Hwntws, an  amateur  Folk  group  at  the  time. Incidentally , Yr  Hwntws  has  re-formed , and  were  performing  in  their  new  format , the  weekend  prior  to  the  Festival  of  Wales, at  Bryn  Terfels’  Gwyl  Y  Faenol  in  North  Wales. Needless  to  say, I  was  getting  plenty  of  encouragement, via  transatlantic  phone  calls  to  my  family  in  Wales, to  go  to  Orlando!!

The  selection  of  seminars  available  during  the  event  also  piqued  my interest , and  I  went  through  the  Program  marking  off  everything  I wanted  to  take  part  in. Whether  I  was  going  to  Orlando or not,
clearly  I  was  already  involved - there  was  table  space  to  be  arranged  in  the  Marketplace, because  for  the  first  time, our  Society  was  registered  as  a  vendor, sharing  a  table  with  Cymdeithas  Madog. There  was  also  an  advertisement  to  be  placed  in  the  Banquet  Program, honoring  Dr.  Arturo  L.  Roberts, so  there  was  communication  between  myself  and  the  National  Welsh  American  Foundation. Everything  just  fell  into  place- Orlando  is a  relatively  easy  drive from  Atlanta, so  no  airline  tickets  to  book, and  Ada  Mae  Lewis, an  aquaintance  from  Cymdeithas  Madog  courses, was  looking  for  a  room-mate, so  it  was  meant  to  be!!

Having  arrived  at  the  Contemporary  Resort, I  found  myself  in  the  middle  of  everything  that  was  going  on - quite  literally , the  Society / Cymdeithas  Madog  table  was  positioned  in  the  center  of  the  Marketplace, with  the  NWAF  table  next  to  us, so  I  soon  met  Philip  Davies, with  whom  I  had  corresponded. In  fact, there  were  many  faces  I  could  put  to  the  names  I  had  read  about  or  seen  in  Ninnau, including  of  course, Arturo  and  Olga  Roberts! A  camaraderie  developed  in  the Marketplace  between  the  vendors  and  exhibitors and of  course  most  people, during  the  weekend, wandered  through, to  buy , look  or  to  be informed. I  was  not  prepared  to  meet  so  many  people, such  as  myself, transplants  from  Wales, and  with  so  much  in  common , having  lived for  many  years  in  North  America, raising  our  families. In  North  American  parlance, it  could  only  be  described  as  Homecoming  Weekend  for the  Welsh - it  was  truly  remarkable!!

Taking  turns  with  Jenny  and  Bob  Young  to  staff  the  table, I  managed to  attend  “Real  Cardiff “, with  Peter  Finch , and  “1905 - A  Significant  Centenary “ by  Gareth  Williams, both  top-class  seminars. Time  did  not  allow  for  me  to  watch  the  Eisteddfod  competitions, which  I  regret, but  then, there  is  always   next  year!!
One  of  the  highlights  of  the  weekend,   for  me, was  the  after  dinner  performance  of  Geraint  and  Eldrydd  Dodd - what  an  absolute  treat  to  see  and  hear  artists  of  their  caliber  and  professionalism, and  their  choice  of  material  was  so  enjoyable.

Despite  being  new  to  the  Festival, I  was  very  fortunate  to  be  able  to  attend  the  Ninnau  Editorial  Brecwast and  to  meet  more  interesting  people. Before  the  conclusion  of  the  weekend, I  also  got  to  represent  the  Society  at  the  Summit  meeting, for  representatives  of  Welsh  organisations  from  across  the  country, chaired  by  Richard  Price  Baskwill, President  of  The  Welsh  National  Gymanfa  Ganu  Association, and  that  proved  to  be  both  helpful  and  informative.

No  Welsh  event  would  be  complete  without  plenty  of  singing, of  all types, and  there  was  abundant  opportunity  to  either  join  in  the  group  singing  at  the  end  of  each  evening, listen  to  a  fine  Male  Voice  Choir, or  to  join  in  the  communal  hymn  singing  that  concluded  the  weekend. It  was   also  interesting  to  observe  the  reactions  of  those  that  were  hearing  a  Male  Voice  Choir  for  the  first  time - they  were  truly  in  awe, and  to  see  their  amazement  at  the  spontaneous  group  singing  that  inevitably  takes  place  when  the  Welsh  are  gathered together!!

It  is  hard  not  to  be  very  proud  to  be  a  Wesh  American, and  I look  forward  to  Cincinnati!!

Angela  Evans
This month we want to share something of our members exploring and expanding their "Welshness" in