Lesson One
First line is English
Second line is Welsh
Third line is the phonetic pronunciation

Good Morning         Good Night
Bore Da              Nos Da
Bore-uh dah          Nohs dah

Good Evening         Hi
Noswaith Dda         Shwmai
Nohs-waith thah      Shoo my

Hello, How are you (today)?
Helo, sut dych chi (heddiw)?
Hello, soo dik kee (hethy)?

I'm fine, thanks (very much).
Da iawn, diolch (yn fawr)
Dah ee-ahn, dee-och (uhn fah-were).

What is your name?
Beth yw'ch enw chi?
Beeth iw-k en-ooh kee?

I am John.
Sion dw i.
Shohn dw ee.

Where do you live?
Ble dych chi'n byw?
Blay dik kee-n biw?

I live in Atlanta.
Dw i'n byw yn Atlanta.
Dween biw uhn Atlanta.
Some Easy Conversational Phrases to Learn
Lesson Two
Weather Words
First line is English
Second line is Welsh
Third line is the phonetic

It's lovely today.
Mae'n braf heddiw.
My-een brahv hethy.

Cymylog       Gwyntog
Cumlog        Gwentog

Stormy        Rainy
Stormus       Bwrw glaw
Stormus       Booroo glah-oo
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Lesson Three
First line is the Welsh
Second Line is Common English Phrase
Third Line is the literal translation

Gwell hwyr na hwyrach
Better late than never
Better late than later

Fel 'na mae
That's life, c'est la vie

Nid aur popeth melyn
All that glitters is not gold

Amser a ddengys
Time will tell

Gwyn y gwe^l y fr^an ei chyw
a child can do no wrong in its parents' eyes
The crow sees its chick as white
Diwedd y ga^n yw'r geiniog
There's no free lunch.
There's a penny at the end of the song

Hir pob aros
A watched pot never boils
Every waiting is long

A fo ben bid bont
He who would be a leader must be a bridge (from the Mabinogi)

Dyfal donc a dyr y garreg
Persistence pays off, Keep at it
Many taps will break the stone

Mae hi'n bwrw hen wragedd a ffyn
It's raining cats and dogs!
It's raining old women with sticks!