Annwyl Gyfeillion/Dear Friends,

It’s hard to believe that August is practically over already but I hope you all had a good summer. It seems no time at all since our tea party in June. At that event we welcomed the new Executive Committee and now wish them the best of luck for the year ahead:

Angela Evans
Vice /President          
Kevin Martinez
Lib Boggs
Tony Nichols

Committee Chairs
Membership Chair    
Ellen Furney
Sally Evans Funderburk
Karl Welsher
Editor of Hwyl            
Jenny Hubbard Young

2005/2006 YEAR

Our first meeting will be on Sunday, 11 September in Room 224 at Dunwoody United Methodist Church, on Mount Vernon Highway in Dunwoody. Our thanks go to Lib Boggs for organizing the use of this room with the Church and we’re also lucky that there’s a piano and kitchen area we can use. This will be mainly a business meeting but we can also look forward to hearing from Becky Crownover, about her experiences at her first Cwrs Cymraeg. Becky was awarded a scholarship by the Society and received a matching award from Cymdeithas Madog.

Here is advance notice about the interesting programmes arranged for the rest of the year:

9 October                   Presentation by Dr. Shelly L Williams, VP The Chantek Foundation, a primate behaviour specialist and     originally from Cambria WI. She’s proud of her Welsh heritage!
13 November               A presentation and performance by harpist Kelly Stewart
11 December               Christmas Party at the home of Jenny and Bob Young

The 2006 programme is also set but you’ll receive those details in the next newsletter. Congratulations to the Executive Committee for arranging this so efficiently. We look forward to strong turnout from members in support and to attend the meetings!

REMEMBERING FRIENDS Please keep these friends in your thoughts:
It’s delightful to report that Hefina is out of hospital (in fact, true to form, she didn’t want to stay there!) and is convalescing with friends in southern England for 3 – 4 weeks, before she can think about returning to Canada.

We send our sincerest condolences to Jan Sherry on the recent death of her husband Gene. Jan was a Charter founder of the Society.

Who would like to take on organizing the Society’s participation in the Festival of Trees? Let Angela know if you can help. Incidentally this year the FoT takes place 3 – 11 December at the Georgia World Congress Centre.

The North American Festival of Wales will take place in Orlando FL, 1 – 4 September, at Disney’s Contemporary Resort. The Society is registered to attend the event for the first time, and will be in the Market Place, to promote our work and sell the car tags and cookery books. It is sharing a table with Cymdeithas Madog. If past experience is a pointer, quite a number of members will attend the Festival.

2005 Cwrs Cymraeg, Cwrs Yr Afon Fawr (the Big River Course) took place in July in Rio Grande, Ohio and was very successful. Among the 68 students and 7 teachers were four members - Angela, Becky and Jenny as students and Hefina as one of the teachers. It was quite moving to see all the reminders of what was obviously a quite thriving Welsh community in this corner of Ohio and to note the great pride today’s descendents take in their Welsh ancestors and heritage.

Oh, to be in North Wales this weekend (it’s a long holiday weekend) and able to attend the sixth annual Faenol Festival, Gwyl y Faenol organised by the ever-energetic Bryn Terfel! It’s an eclectic mix of classical music, opera, traditional music, some pop, rock and blues with an array of star names.

However one can think about seeing Bryn over here. He is returning to the Metropolitan Opera in New York and will perform in the Grand Gala Concert, which opens the season on 19 September. Then he plays the title role in Falstaff, in performances between 23 September and 22 October.

We can apparently look forward to another film about Dylan Thomas, (well apparently it has more to do with his ghost actually..!), called Ugly, Lovely Night. Filming started in Wales in August but will also include locations in the USA. The screenplay is by Binda Singh and an independent film company, BJB Productions, is producing it and hoping it will appear on TV in the States. 

From the Western Mail on 23 August comes a report that Stephen Sondheim, an icon of musical theatre, is to write a musical based on the treasure trove of ancient Welsh stories in The Mabinogion.

The 25 August edition of the International Herald Tribune has a lengthy, very positive article about Wales called “Renewed Flame from the Welsh Dragon” by Katrin Bennhold, in which she highlights the thriving economy and the renaissance of the Welsh language.

Jenny is prepared to teach a weekly beginners’ Welsh class this year, provided at least 2 members are prepared to sign up and come to class on a regular basis. Get in touch with her at 770-333-1964 or if you’re interested, so that we can sort out details.

One of the delightful aspects of Welsh is its vast array of pithy proverbs and sayings. Here are a couple of appropriate ones as we start out our new year:

Gorau cam, cam cyntaf means “The best step is the first step” while Cam dros y trothwy, hanner y daith is “A step over the threshold is half the journey.”

Tan y tro nesa/Until next time!


Mis Medi/September 2005